My Creative Days Affiliate Program

How It Works:

1. You promote the Furniture Flipping Academy on your social media, email, blog, or even through ads.

2. Someone purchases through your link.

3. I pay you 30% of each sale just for sharing!

It really is that easy.


Just to make it even easier.

I didn't want you to have to worry about how you were going to present the information so I went ahead and created this Sales Page that I customize for every affiliate!

You also get a personalized coupon code for 20% OFF all offers to share with your friends/family/followers. 


Why Become An Affiliate:

1. Offer resources to your audience without having to build a course/membership/coaching offer.

2. Earn affiliate income by placing a link in your bio. (Passive Income

3. Learn how to sell/gauge interest with your audience before you build your own offers.

4. Learn about affiliate marketing and what it can do for your business before you commit to larger brands and their affiliate programs that might require payment or membership. 

5. Why NOT? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from this experience. So join us today and we will walk you through the process every step of the way!