My Creative Days Furniture Flipping Center

The Furniture Flipping Academy

The academy is 20+ years of my expertise and 10+ years of knowledge from other expert furniture flippers, past students, and resources created to help accelerate your progress.


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Mini Courses are also available.

(mini-courses are lessons from the Academy broken down. If you have previously purchased Learn To Flip With Lindsay or The Ultimate Furniture Flipping Program For Beginners you already have lifetime access to the Academy and don't need to purchase any of the mini-courses.)

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25 Reel Ideas For Furniture Flippers

Effortlessly Create Reels With My List Of 25 Reel Ideas!

Don't complicate it! Your audience wants to get to know you, learn from you, and grow with you. Use these 25 Reel Ideas to connect with your audience starting TODAY!

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Types Of Paint For Furniture

Grab this FREE guide where I share my TOP pick all the way down to my least favorite of these 8 types of paint. 

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35 Social Media Post Ideas For Furniture Flippers

Out Of Ideas?

There are so many 'rules' to follow, and the algorithm is constantly changing. 

You know what isn't changing?

Your Message.

Use these 35 Social Media Post Ideas to help you stay focused on your message.

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Grab Your FREE Copy of My 50 Story Ideas For Furniture Flippers

What Are You Sharing In Your Stories?

Stories on both IG and FB are a GREAT way to connect with your audience.

It's a way to show them who is behind the brand and allow them the opportunity to get to know YOU!

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Wanna Make Money Flipping Furniture... But Not Sure Where To Start?

Join my free group to get access to the latest furniture flipping tips & tricks.

When you join, you are not only getting ideas and inspiration from myself but a community of other flippers to help you find your path. 

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FREE 3 Day Furniture Flipping Workshop 

This 3 Day Furniture Flipping Workshop will walk you through the following steps:

Day 1: Prep Work & Cleaning

Day 2: Sanding & Painting

Day 3: Staging

This is a step - by - step video workshop that you can save your progress and work at your own pace.

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Quick Guide To Painting Furniture

This guide covers everything from the tools I use, where I find inspiration, my top painting tips, absolute must haves, do's & don'ts, to the 12 steps I use when painting furniture! 

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Professional Templates

What's Included:

- Custom Furniture Work Order

- Intake Form For Custom Work

- Terms and Conditions

- Care Instructions

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The Furniture Flippers Social Media Planner

  •  Daily, Weekly & Monthly Planners

  •  Goals Tracker

  • Social Media Progress Tracker

  • 30 Social Media Post Ideas

  • Post Templates

  • Story Templates

  • Carousel Template

  • Tip Of The Month

    Everything you need to plan, schedule and track your social media progress!

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The Struggles of Furniture Flippers

And How to Overcome Them Fast


Have you thought about flipping furniture? 

Have you flipped a few pieces for your home and are now ready to start selling your pieces? 

Are you someone who would like to make real money flipping furniture? 

Are you ready to turn your furniture flipping hobby into a business? 

Do you want to change your family’s financial situation by doing something you love? 

Do you struggle with where to start? 

If any of these statements describe you, this eBook is for you.

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