My Creative Days

My Creative Days

Hosted by: Lindsay Eidahl

Home Decor, DIY, and Furniture Flipping.


Season 2 - Episode 2: Quick Budgeting Tips That Will Save You Thousands

Season #2 Episode #2

Budgeting tips that we use to become debt free and stay that way!I wanted to share what I do and how it has made such a difference in our finances. Who does the budgeting in your family?Let's Connect:Instagram:...
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Season 2 - Episode 1: Upcycling Furniture 101

Season #2 Episode #1

Upcycling: also known as creative reuse.I often get asked 'Can You Upcycle Furniture?'The answer is YES!!! I am going to share my thoughts on this topic and how you can get started!How To Make A Faux Mantel Tutorial:...
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Episode 19: Goals For A New Year

Season #1 Episode #19

Let's talk about New Year, New Goals. Do you set New Years Resolutions or do you set goals?I wanted to share what my family does and how it has made a huge difference for our family.Let's Connect:Instagram:...
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Episode 18: Welcoming Hillie Mae To The Family!

Season #1 Episode #18

WARNING...I want to start by saying this isn't a 'happy warm hug' kind of episode even though it sounds like it is. This podcast episode is raw, heartfelt and took me 4 times to record.This podcast has NOTHING to do...
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Episode 17: Just Start

Season #1 Episode #17

Sometimes the best advice is simple.Just start.Let's Connect:Instagram:
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Episode 16: How To Decorate When You Are Not Feeling Inspired

Season #1 Episode #16

Do you get bored with your decor or do you dread decorating because you feel like you are out of ideas?Try these tips when you feel stuck. I promise they will help. Let's Connect:Instagram:...
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Episode 15: Christmas Decorating Tips and Tricks

Season #1 Episode #15

Do you love Christmas Decorating or is it a chore?Here are some tips to help make it more enjoyable /  less routine.Let's Connect:Instagram:
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Episode 14: 10 Tips For Shopping a Thrift Store

Season #1 Episode #14

Are you a thrifter?These 10 tips are going to be a game changer for you!Let's Connect:Instagram:
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Episode 13: Interview With FlipAway80K

Season #1 Episode #13

Interview With Flip Away 80KThis story is AMAZING!Check her out here: - I launched my very first course: Learn To Flip With Lindsay!Check it out...
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Episode 12: Interview With Home Grove

Season #1 Episode #12

Interview With Home GroveStay At Home Mom / Furniture FlipperLet's talk with Alissa about her story and how she flips furniture while raising 4 kids!Check her out here: - I...
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Episode 11: To Paint Or Not To Paint!

Season #1 Episode #11

There has been such a stigma around painting furniture.. today I am here to tell you ITS OK TO PAINT THAT! P.S. - I launched my very first course: Learn To Flip With Lindsay!Check it out...
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Episode 10: Tips For A Successful Thrift Store Haul Every Time

Season #1 Episode #10

It's ok to walk away with nothing, keep an open mind, PUT IT IN YOUR CART if you are unsure!I want to discuss it all with you today. Let's Connect:Instagram:
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