Social Media Planner


  •  Daily, Weekly & Monthly Planners

  •  Goals Tracker

  • Social Media Progress Tracker

  • 30 Social Media Post Ideas

  • Post Templates

  • Story Templates

  • Carousel Template

  • Tip Of The Month

    Everything you need to plan, schedule and track your social media progress!



Start prioritizing and tracking your activities with these daily, weekly, and monthly planners. We tend to waste a lot of time trying to remember everything we didn't write down. It's important to use a planner not only to complete tasks but also to record ideas and goals for your business.


Stop spending hours trying to figure out what to post. Don't ignore your audience and their needs. Use these 30 content ideas and the templates provided to boost your engagment, reach, and followers!


Track your progress using these two tools. The Social Media Tracker helps you see the growth across your accounts. The Progress Report keeps you accountable for the goals you have set. The monthly tip is there to inspire you to try new things to grow your business. 

Done For You Social Media Planner

Are you ready to get serious about your social media content?

Are you ready to stop wasting your time and energy on creating content that doesn't work for your audience?

I provide this Social Media Planner every month for The Creative Squad members as a part of their membership.

I want them to be able to focus on the day to day activites of their business and ENGAGING with their audience, not struggling with content and social media graphics.

I want the same for you! Grab your copy of this Done For You Social Media Planner and RELAX knowing your covered for the month!