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The Ultimate Furniture Flipping Program For Beginners

Step-by-step video courses that walk you through the furniture flipping process. From finding and purchasing supplies - all the way to building multiple income streams.

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The Creative Squad

A community of like-minded creatives sharing new ideas, supporting one another, and flipping furniture on a budget!

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The Furniture Flippers Social Media Planner

Looking for content ideas? Want to get organized? Need some templates to get started? Check out this social media planner.

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Organization Challenge

- 8 Printable Worksheets to help you stay organized.

- Step-By-Step Guide broken down into small daily tasks.

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How To Purge Sentimental Items

This guide offers tips for purging sentimental items without losing the memory or sentiment the item provides. It covers how to assess the value of the item, ways to organize and store the items and things to remember along the way!

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Purge Checklist

12 Monthly Checklists

This purge checklist is broken down into 12 monthly purge lists. Each month will focus on getting rid of the clutter in different areas of your home. The purpose of this monthly breakdown is to give all of your attention to one area at a time. This will ensure every area is decluttered throughly and it will also ensure the process does not get overwhelming. 

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