The Ultimate Furniture Flipping Program for Beginners

Step-by-step video courses that walk you through the furniture flipping process. From finding and purchasing supplies - all the way to building multiple income streams! 


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What Is Included In This Program:


Learn To Flip With Lindsay (Course)

20+ Years Of Furniture Flipping Experience 

This course is a video tutorial course that will walk you through the entire process step-by-step. I have included over 40 worksheets, checklists, forms, and professional templates.

Course Value: $497.00


Check out these additional bonuses that are also included...


Furniture Flipping 101

(Mini Course)

A Video Based Mini Course.

Broken down into 14 short videos:

- How To Clean A Piece

- How To Repair Missing Veneer

- Scuff Sanding After Mud Dries

- Scuff Sanding The Top & Sides Of Dresser

- Scuff Sanding The Front Of Dresser

- Scuff Sanding The Legs Of The Dresser

- Cleaning After Scuff Sanding

- Painting Your Piece

- Sanding Your Piece After Painting

- Adding Salve To Drawers

- Staging Your Finished Piece

- BONUS - Different Sanders:

1. Corner Cat Sander

2. Sheet Sander

3. Orbital Sander

$127.00 Value

Working With Brands 

(Mini Course)

A Video Series & Templates.

Resources & Tools For Creating Additional Income:

Lesson 1: Media Kit - (Template Included)

Lesson 2: Deliverables (Rate Card) / Partnership Proposal - (Templates Included)

Lesson 3: Different Brand Partnerships / Sponsorships

Lesson 4: Contacting Different Brands

$197.00 Value

The Creative Squad

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$197.00 OFF - 1 Year Purchase of The Creative Squad

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$197.00 Value


Everything You Need To Become A Successful Furniture Flipper!

Gina shares her thoughts on Learn To Flip With Lindsay. What she took away from the course and who she thinks would benefit from the course!


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Penny G. 

Even though I have no intention of starting my own business, right now anyway, I have had many takeaways and I haven’t even completed the course yet!

Love all the downloads she provides as well as the editable worksheets.

If you’re like me, you probably appreciate short, yet informative videos.

Lindsay gets right to the point.

I took one of her suggestions, which was reaching out to businesses, and I was rewarded with discount codes. 

The price of her course is too good not to take advantage of and learn from the knowledge she has.

Alissa C. 

Lindsay has created the most comprehensive course when it comes to flipping furniture! 

The best part? It was created with every little detail in mind from finding your first piece to choosing the best colors to finish touches to staging and selling! 

No aspect has been left out. Not only does she lay it all out there for you, but she has created wonderful worksheets to keep you organized and on track to reach your goals! 

So, to the person who just wants to paint a few things for themselves, to the entrepreneur that wants to develop a thriving business, to everyone in between—this course is for you! 

With lifetime access, you go at your own pace, on your own time. 

You will absolutely love this course—and Lindsay! 

Snag this course and get to flipping furniture successfully today!🎨

Frequently Asked Questions

What Would $675 PROFIT Mean To Your Family Next Month?

Using the information outlined in this course, I am able to CONSISTANTLY flip pieces for a profit. If I can do it, SO CAN YOU!

Learn To Flip With Lindsay Outline:

Module 1 - Prep Work

- How to pick out paint colors / brands

- Where to get supplies

- What supplies you need to get started

- Setting up your workspace

Module 2 - Finding Pieces

- Value of different pieces

- Where to find pieces

- What to avoid picking up

- How to haggle pricing

Module 3 - The Process

- Plan A,B, & C

- How to choose a style

- How to clean a piece

- How to prep

- Ready to paint

- Top coat / finishes

Module 4 - Staging

- How to use lighitng

- What to use for staging decor

- Taking the pictures

Module 5 - Selling

 - Researching the market

- Pricing your pieces

- Descriptions

- Where to sell

- How to communicate with customers

 * Professional templates to help you sell (These ALONE are worth more than $87.00)

Module 6 - Branding

- Social Media / Branding

- Finding your avatar

- Choosing social media channels

- Growing on social media

- Algorithms and consistency

- Engagement

BONUS Module- Working With Brands

- Media Kit

- Deliverables (Rate Card)

- Brand Partnerships / Sponsorships

- Contacting Brands 

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful  Business

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Highlights From Past Students:



Don't let you workspace (or lack of) stop you from following your passion!

Staging Decor

Staging items should be universal. Learn how to find decor that works for you.


Staging Photos

Keep it simple, focus on the detail. Learn which shots are vital to quick sales.



The key to same day sales is knowing what is in demand. Learn how to read the market and make it work for your business.  


The biggest factor between same day sales and 2 month old listings is the details in the description. Learn what you need to include.



Branding can often be a scary process. Learn where to focus your time and energy.


You’re just a few steps away from unlocking unlimited potential!
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Monica, Elizabeth, Gina, & Karen are all members of my Private Membership: The Creative Squad.

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This course is 20+ years of my furniture flipping experience broken down into step-by-step video tutorials to get you there faster and cheaper!

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One Time Payment of $247.00

  • Learn To Flip With Lindsay

  • Working With Brands Course

  • Furniture Flipping 101

  • Additional Bonus Videos

  • Professional Templates

  • Printable Worksheets / Checklists

  • $197 OFF 1 Year - The Creative Squad

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  • Learn To Flip With Lindsay

  • Working With Brands Course

  • Furniture Flipping 101

  • Additional Bonus Videos

  • Professional Templates

  • Printable Worksheets / Checklists

  • $197 OFF 1 Year - The Creative Squad

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