I’m Lindsay. I teach DIY, Home Decor, Thrifty Shopping & Furniture Flipping Tips & Tricks. I’m here to help you build a successful creative home life, or even business.

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I am addicted to all things home, decorating and living on a budget.

When my husband Matt and I first got married and moved into our first house, I wasn’t able to decorate it as I wanted due to our limited budget.

I had to get creative to get the look I wanted for a lot less.

Matt and I have spent years DIYing, repurposing and shopping smart to create a home we were proud of.

After selling our first home and buying our second home from the original owners, I knew I wanted to push ourselves in the same way.

Our budget was a little better but I was bound and determined to stick to a tight budget when making our second home ours.

We did it and friends and family would tell us that we needed to “get our ideas out there”.

Not knowing how to do that, I ran across the first blog I had ever seen and a light bulb went off.

I could share all the tips and tricks we were learning through a blog!

My Creative Days was born and I have never looked back.

I truly believe that you can decorate the home of your dreams without spending a lot to do it.

I found the magic formula that enabled Matt and I to do it and we even became debt free in the process and started flipping houses on the side!!!

I am passionate about sharing every tip and trick we have learned over the years so others can reap the benefits and create a home they are proud of without going broke to do so.

I am so happy to have you be a part of it.


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