Furniture Flippers,

Do you need to make more money but don't have more time in the day?

Join us in the ONLY community out there specifically tailored to furniture flippers looking to grow their income in an industry they love WITHOUT having to take on more projects and give up quality personal and family time.


You CAN make furniture flipping a full-time, profitable business without sacrificing work-life balance.

Learn how to build your business, market your brand, maximize your profits, and scale your offerings from experts who have "been there-done that" and perfected the processes so you don't have to.




You Can Create The Furniture Flipping Business Of Your Dreams

Learn the formula experts use to build their businesses.

  1. Create a loyal customer base.
  2. Grow your social media following.
  3. Create a repeatable marketing plan.
  4. Increase your profits.
  5. Collaborate and work with your favorite brands.
  6. Create passive income that will make money while you sleep!

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

In The Creative Squad, you’ll learn how to build every aspect of your business and GROW it!


In The Next 6 Months, You Could…

  • Start a legal business
  • Increase your profits
  • Generate passive income

We are the ONLY community out there that is customized specifically to furniture flippers and the problems we face in this industry.


The Creative Squad


Ready to take your flipping business to the next level, but not sure where to begin?

The Creative Squad will teach you everything you need to know to create a legal business and grow your sales. It will also show you how to create additional income streams so you can be making money while you sleep!

You’ll learn how to:

  • Start your own business from the ground up
  • Market to your specific audience
  • Use social media for business
  • Communicate with customers
  • Keep up to date with the market
  • Increase your profit margins

There is an entire market of people looking for your work. Let's help them find you!

What's Included In The Creative Squad...


Monthly Binges

Every month we focus on a different area of your business. We bring in experts in their field to share the most up to date best practices and teach you how to apply it to your business. 

Some of the topics we cover are:

  • Building Your Business
  • Making Your Business Legal
  • Marketing Your Business
  • Growing On Social Media
  • Creating Sales Funnels
  • Growing An Email List
  • Creating Opt-Ins
  • Creating Passive Income
  • Working With Brands
  • Collaborations
  • SEO
  • Ways To Expand Your Business

Each month the binge is centered around The Squad members' current needs in their business. 



This isn't just a group of women sitting around talking about making money and sharing dreams.

This is a community of women who ARE motivated to do the work and who are making moves in their business and seeing it grow! 

Squad Members share:

  • Passion
  • Knowledge
  • Lessons Learned
  • Perspective
  • Struggles
  • Wins
  • Personal Tips

The Squad community is your cheering squad, supporting staff, and understanding friend all in one. There isn't another flipping community like it.


Social Media Training

If we are being honest, the world is on social media. If you are running a business, social media needs to be part of your plan in some capacity. 
But, don't stress about this part! We not only teach you how to use it and when, but we do a lot of the work for you. 
Every month, we provide you with a social media planner. It has everything you need to schedule your social media for the entire month!
We also teach you:
  • How to use the right platform for your business.
  • How to find the right audience. 
  • How to get your audience to engage.

You never have to stress about social media again. The Creative Squad will make the process easy and replicable so social media will never be that daunting task on your To-Do list again.


Guest Spotlights

There are so many different techniques and tons of 'professional advice' out there. How do you know what is right for you?

It is important to find your flipping style and to learn from professionals in the industry.

Guest Spotlights share different flipping styles and techniques. They also share what is working in their business that you can implement right now with great results.

Spotlights Include:

  • Furniture Makeover Video Tutorials
  • Experienced Advice
  • Industry Tips & Hacks
  • Business Recommendations
  • Exclusive Interviews

The guest spotlights share EVERYTHING about their business to help you succeed in yours!


- Social Media: What's Working Now

- UNLIMITED Networking Opportunities

- Exclusive Resources (Interviews & Tutorials)

- Professional Templates - Customizable & Easy To Use

- Direct access to ME and my entire team

- Affiliate Opportunities

The Squad Is For You If...

  • You are tired of working more hours for less profit
  • You aren't making sales.
  • You are struggling with social media.
  • You don't have a marketing plan.
  • You are looking for community support from people who "get it".
  • You are looking for more ways to make money as a furniture flipper.
  • You want affiliate & passive income opportunities.

I'm Lindsay Eidahl

After learning how to decorate our first home on a budget, I realized that I could create a steady income source by flipping furniture. I never expected it to turn into a full-time income that would help us become debt free, but it has done that and so much more! 

Now, I use what I've learned to help people just like you grow their furniture flipping business beyond what they could imagine. There is so much more to flipping furniture than just applying paint to a dresser. I didn't know that when I started but when I discovered it, it catapulted my income and business in so many ways. 

I don't want one furniture flipper to waste time figuring it out the long way like I had to. I started The Creative Squad so I could offer one-on-one guidance to flippers. I am passionate about helping as many furniture flippers as I can make more money, take back their time, set up their business right from the start, and to grow a community with endless opportunities. Because there is so much more to furniture flipping than just flipping furniture. 

I did it and you can too. Let's do it together!

- Lindsay Eidahl

"I love this group! I love the guest spotlights and I love the Q&A as I know Lindsay always has the answer and if she doesn’t she’ll get it for you or the group will have input.
The best part about this group is that I am staying motivated to keep working towards my goal of finding pieces for my home to redo or to sell!
It has encouraged me to look differently at pieces at the thrift store to see what I can do with them to fit my home."

- Elizabeth J.

"I joined the squad so that I can learn and have a mentor.
I could join other groups and get answers from lots of people, but I'm willing to pay for expert guidance and not have to question the advice I am being given.
I enjoy the guest spotlights higher level techniques and skills.
Also, being able to get answers directly from experts is a huge bonus. "

- Monica B.

"I love having somewhere to go when I have a question and to get business advice!! The social media planner has great ideas when I'm stumped for something to post!!I also really love the custom work forms!"

- Karen R.

The Creative Squad

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